Finding fresh roasted high quality coffee is half the battle in your quest for the perfect cup, but brewing is where the rubber meets the road. Correct brewing methods are necessary to unlock all of that delicious potential locked away in that bean.


Don't worry, this overview will walk you though the major steps you'll need to consider as you seek coffee heaven. Keep in mind, coffee is a personalized experienced. You may need to adjust these recommendations to suit your taste.



Coffee is made up of 97-98% water. Selecting the right water quality, temperature, and amount is the important first step.

  • Water temp should be 195 - 205 F but may vary per brew method

  • Use spring water when possible (enhances sweetness)

  • Avoid well water (produces harsh or unwanted flavor)

  • Seek a 16:1 or 17:1 water to ground coffee ratio



There are many ways to brew coffee. Here are the most popular and their recommend grind size. We highly recommend using a conical burr grinder. This will provide you with a more even grind.



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