Peru, Lima FTO

Tasting Notes: Notes of sweet caramel chocolate, juicy red grape, finishing with a smooth nutty aftertaste.

Country of Origin: Peru

Region: Jaén, Cajamarca

Farm: 400 smallholder farmer members of Lima Coffees

Altitude Grown: 1650 – 1800 masl

Varieties: Caturra, Typica, Catimor, Mundo Novo, Pache

Process: Washed


USDA Organic & Fair Trade


Rony Lavan is an ambitious and quality-driven cupper who has spent his career trying to carve out better and bolder coffees from small producers in Peru. While the country is emerging as a specialty market after many years of focusing on bigger lots and certifications, Rony's passion is with identifying and developing the top scores and the best cups. Green-coffee buyer Piero Cristiani met Rony before Piero was buying coffee for Cafe Imports, and the two have not only stayed professionally connected all these years, but they have also become great friends.


As president of the Lima Coffees exporting organization, Rony has already established himself as standing at the fore of microlot-quality coffees in Cajamarca. His first year with Lima Coffees, he entered the national competition and won; with the introduction of the Cup of Excellence competition to Peru in 2017, the country is poised to enter the international spotlight for its finest offerings. Rony and his coffees will be the ones to watch.

Peru, Lima FTO

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