Wholesale Tanzania, Peaberry Whole Bean 12oz

Tasting Notes: Juicy and heavy mouthfeel with notes of plum, raisin, black tea and a hint of clove

Country of Origin: Tanzania

Region: Various Regions

Farm: Various smallholder farmers

Altitude Grown: 1400 – 2000

Varieties: Bourbon, Kent, Arusha

Process: Washed


Peaberries are a type of bean in which the cherry develops with a single seed, as opposed to the typical two seeds. As a result, peaberries are small, round and dense. The density tends to lead to a more complex flavor, and our lighter roast Tanzania reflects this in the wide variety of flavors, ranging from tea to raisin and even a hint of clove.

Wholesale Tanzania, Peaberry Whole Bean 12oz